Two adults and two children running



Over 4 million children and young people are at risk of being excluded from sport and physical activity. 

That puts their mental, physical and emotional health at risk too. 

Their family’s poverty isn’t their fault. And being from an ethnically diverse community shouldn’t matter.

But inequality and poverty mean opportunities can be out of reach.  

Together, we can change that. Together we can change young lives.

Help us tear down barriers and level the playing field to make athletics accessible to everyone.  

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A gift in your Will is an opportunity to recognise the experiences that shaped you. It’s a chance to let your loved ones know what you value and how you want to be remembered.

Maybe you have experiences and memories as an athlete, coach, official or club volunteer. Perhaps you have children or grandchildren following in your footsteps.

Sadly, not every child is so fortunate.  By leaving a gift to the Personal Best Foundation you’ll help give disadvantaged children and young people opportunities and experiences with the power to change their lives. And you’ll leave your legacy on a sport you love dearly.

There is no obligation to leave a gift in your Will to Personal Best Foundation although any gift would be greatly appreciated. A gift of even 1% of your estate, once other gifts have been made, could make a huge difference to the lives of young people.