Our programmes

Our programmes open the door to opportunities and put a world of possibilities at the feet of the most disadvantaged children and young people in England.

But we don't do it alone...

We bring together our athletics community and community organisations to engage, inspire and help children and young people achieve more than they thought possible through the power of athletics and in life.

Together, we identify obstacles, tear down barriers and level the playing field to make athletics more accessible to everyone.


Children and young people are facing a wellbeing crisis

do not get the physical activity needed each day, increasing risk of obesity and long-term illness.
1 in 6
are likely to experience a mental health problem (Children aged 5-16years)
1 in 10
reported often or always feeling lonely (Children aged 10 to 15 years)

Athletics has the power to change the story

Yet inequality and family poverty mean opportunities for sport and physical activity can be out of reach for more than a quarter of children and young people in England.

Children from families with the lowest incomes remain the least active and this gap has widened since the pandemic – in part because they have less access to outdoor space. While children and young people from ethnically diverse communities can face cultural barriers that make it almost impossible to join in. And then there are the challenges we’ve yet to understand.

Young people living with inequality are at greater risk of experiencing a mental health problem, or developing medical conditions such as obesity, heart problems and type 2 diabetes or underachieving at school and not being ready for work, being involved in crime or anti-social behaviour.  

We will not stand by while children and young people miss out on the rewards of being active.

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From playground to podium, irrespective of size, shape, disability, cultural or social background, there’s a place for everyone in athletics. And no matter track, field, road or sports hall, the positive effects are proven. Better physical health, mental, emotional and social wellbeing put achieving our personal best in reach – on the track, at school and in life.

Physical health

  • Improved fitness, strength, balance and coordination
  • Healthy weight maintenance
  • Prevention and management of medical conditions

Mental wellbeing

  • Better confidence, self-esteem and higher resilience
  • Reduced stress, anxiety and depression
  • Increased happiness

Emotional and social wellbeing

  • Better trust, less isolation
  • More friendships and reduced loneliness
  • A sense of belonging
  • Improved communication skills

Plus improved learning and attainment


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