It's GivingTuesday—the global day of giving. And we're calling on our athletics community to come together and help give a child facing poverty or inequality a chance to feel part of the team – likely for the first time in their lives.  

Just £10 today will help make it possible.

For every child thriving at school and in life thanks to athletics, many more are watching from the sidelines because of their background or circumstances beyond their control.

Personal Best Foundation is on a mission to change that. Because like you, we know athletics has the power to change lives. 

Will you help?

A donation of £10 today could help give 8 children facing poverty or inequality their first experience of athletics.

When you gift towards an after-school athletics session, you'll help a child step off the sidelines to discover camaraderie, confidence and a sense of belonging.  

In the next 24 hours we aim to raise £5000 to give more children living in the most deprived parts of the country their first taste of athletics and put better physical health, mental, emotional and social wellbeing within reach. 

Please, give today. Thank you.