PBF Ambassador Fatima Whitbread wins Helen Rollason Award at Sports Personality of the Year 2023

Profile picture Fatima Whitbread

At the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards 2023 Fatima Whitbread was honoured with the highly accoladed Helen Rollason Award, which is named after the sports broadcaster Helen Rollason and is presented to an individual "for outstanding achievement in the face of adversity" which Fatima is no stranger to.

Fatima is an inspiring and passionate individual who advocates for improvements and awareness to be raised for children in care. Her speech on the evening was dedicated to a call for action to bring happiness to future generations.

"I stand here and I represent the care system sector and celebrate our young children and the remarkable resilience they show ... children are our future, so if we can invest in them from a very early age it will help decide what and who they become ... I'm calling for fundamental change where our children's today and tomorrow is safer, happier and healthier and they may well reach their full potential one day too."

An extract from Fatima's Speech

Fatima is no stranger to the Sports Personality of the Year Awards, having won Sports Personality of the Year in 1987 following an impressive gold medal at the World Championships in 1987 and a world record throw and gold medal at the European Championships in 1986. Her continued drive and belief in children and young people in care embodies what we stand for at Personal Best Foundation. We are incredibly grateful for Fatima's work with the charity and will continue to ensure that all children and young people have the opportunity to achieve their personal best through the power of athletics.

Earlier this year we chatted to Fatima about her story and role as a Personal Best Foundation Ambassador. See the video below!