Personal Best Foundation joins forces with JogOn

Personal Best Foundation has joined forces with the JogOn campaign to help re-distribute pre-loved athletics and running shoes to those most in need.

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JogOn estimates that every year in the UK alone, more than 30million pairs of shoes end up in landfill every year while there are millions of people who would make good use of unwanted athletics and running shoes.

Personal Best Foundation has been set up to support young people from disadvantaged and underserved communities to achieve their personal best through the power of athletics. For those from low income households, the cost of purchasing kit and equipment can be a significant barrier to participation.

This exciting collaboration will start with a pilot to get over 150 pairs of unwanted track spikes to those who may otherwise be unable to afford them. Our aim is to extend this opportunity to running shoes shortly after.

Reaching those in need

We know from talking to clubs, running groups and schools that having the ability to pass on a pair of shoes can be the difference for some of accessing the sport or not.

Is your club or runing group in an area of high deprivation? Do you have members struggling financially because of the current cost of living crisis. Are you working with community groups to remove barriers to participation?

Would your club or group benefit from a stock of pre-loved track spikes?

Register to receive a box of pre-loved spikes

By registering below, you agree to join the JogOn Athletics and Running Club mailing list established and managed by the Personal Best Foundation to help identify athletics and running clubs that have a need for pre-loved shoes.

Your registration onto the database will ensure that you have opportunities throughout the year to request and receive a box of pre-loved shoes (boxes include up to 20 pairs of mixed sized and mixed gender shoes). All that is asked is that you cover the cost of the postage (estimated at £6-£10).

Shoes can be distributed at your club’s discretion but should reach those in most need and under no circumstances should be re-sold or used as prizes or incentives.

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Still have questions, try our FAQ’s below...

What is JogOn?

JogOn is an initiative to keep 1million pairs of running shoes out of landfill

How does JogOn work?
  • They collect your unwanted running shoes.  You can either send them by post, or drop them off with one of their retail & industry partners.
  • They take all running shoes!  They then sort them ensuring they are properly paired up and tied together at the laces.
  • All shoes are inspected and prepared to be distributed out. If they are not suitable to be used again, they filter them out and shred those that are “end of life”.
  • They work with a network of partners to distribute these running shoes to people who need them most.
Is it free to receive a box of pre-loved shoes from JogOn?

There is no charge for the shoes but JogOn do require you to cover the cost of postage. A box of up to 20 shoes will cost approximately £6-£10 depending upon size and style of shoes.

Is there any help available to cover the postage costs?

If your club is unable to cover these delivery costs and the shoes are intended to help young people, the Personal Best Foundation may be able to help. Please get in touch with us.

How do I request a box of pre-loved shoes?

Once you have registered with Personal Best Foundation, you will receive communications when opportunities become available.

Instructions will be sent informing you how to arrange for delivery including postage payment.

Can I request specific shoe sizes and styles?

The JogOn campaign is a new initiative managed by a very small (but passionate) team. Unfortunately specific requests simply cannot logistically be facilitated and therefore you will receive a box of up to 20 pairs of shoes which include both a mix of sizes and styles.

What is the quality of the shoes?

The shoes are pre-loved.  They are used and in reasonable to good quality but there may be scuffs and marks on some of the shoes received.

What if we are unable to distribute all of the pre-loved shoes that we receive?

The most important thing is that these shoes do not go to landfill. If you are unable to re-home all of the shoes please send them back to JogOn. Details of how to do this can be found here.

Register using the form below to receive a box of pre-loved spikes

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