Enertor® chooses the Personal Best Foundation

Personal Best Foundation is delighted to have been chosen as the official partner charity of leading global insoles brand Enertor®

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Nick Beresford, Enertor® CEO said:

"We here at Enertor are thrilled to be partnering with the Personal Best Foundation. As directly involved in the running industry, we believe in the power of sport as a great enabler for young people and we are looking forward to helping to make a contribution to this great cause. The Enertor team is proud to build a long-lasting relationship with the foundation.

For twenty years, Enertor® have been helping Premier League Footballers, Tour De France winners and Olympic champions stay injury-free and perform better, with their outstanding insoles - built on a foundation of breakthrough technology and industry leading knowledge.

But outstanding shock absorption and injury protection should not be just for elite athletes. Enertor® recognise the limited protection current sports shoe insoles offer young and old and in 2019 they partnered with England Athletics and the funetics programme to offer all participating children their new flat profile, Kids Shock Absorbing insole.

Nick continued:

“We’re proud of the work that we already do to support children and young people but it is alarming that around 4million children and young people miss out on the rewards of being active because of inequality and poverty. We are committed to helping change this narrative through our partnership with Personal Best Foundation”.

Mark Lawrie, Personal Best Foundation Chair of Trustees, added: 

“We are delighted to welcome the support of Enertor® and are excited as we look ahead to build a long-lasting partnership with a brand that aligns closely with our vision and values, to support opportunities for everyone to experience, enjoy and benefit from athletics and running, and to reach their full potential.”

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